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SolidWater™ Laminar Discharge Pumps, Propellers and Fans

A New Standard of Fluid Motion Effeciency

Flood Remediation Pump

Canal Pump

Micro-Algae Fuel Pump

Centripital Pump

Features & Capabilities
• Lowered cost for moving water
• Much higher flow possible
• No plumbing required
• Extremely efficient
• No aeration or cavitation
• Can be silent
• Can circulate tanks uniformly
• Can circulate wide, shallow, tanks
• Can circulate viscous fluids

Canal Pump
Moving Huge Volumes of fluid in wide shallow canals or tanks without damaging or being damaged by flotsam

The California Water District is the largest user of electricity in the state of California. It uses all that energy for moving water around. Our technology directly addresses this expense by reducing the cost per gallon for shuttling water from point A to B. Our technology also improves the flow in existing gravitational flow canals safely, efficiently and with out major construction costs.

Addressing water supply and energy use concerns, the scientists at Admiral Fluidics Co. applied the improvements discovered during the development of its SolidWater™ propeller technology to arrive at a novel solution to these issues. The resultant solution is a highly efficient, laminar discharge pump that is effective at moving wide, shallow horizontal columns of fluid.

We understand that different pump solutions have different specific issues from waste removal to uniform feed supply, to canal flow improvement, to cost of installation but all these issues depend upon features furnished by our technology.

Common uses include water, sewage, petroleum and petrochemical pumping

And, we are getting improvements in efficiency by a factor of 7 over traditional systems!

What part of the solution do you need now? Call a chat with our engineers and we will show you what we can do.




Contact | 760.634.4947 | AdmiralFluidics.com