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SolidWater™ Laminar Discharge Pumps, Propellers and Fans

A New Standard of Fluid Motion Effeciency

Electronics Cooling Fan

Directed Air Conditioning

Smoke and Gas Removal Fans

Large Scale Airflow

Features & Capabilities
• More efficient cooling/heating/circulation
• Lower cost cooling/heating/circulation
• Miniaturized (or personalized) cooling/heating/circulation
• Toxin or airborne contaminant deflection or redirection
• Undetectable feed flow for controlled substance sensing

Electronics Cooling Fan
High Volume Airflow

Horrigan Labs has developed a unique blade, linkage and balancing technology that resolves common fan problems. The Horrigan Labs Patent Pending Caudal Cycle Fan moves air efficiently, quietly and precisely. It also scales well from circuit board micro-heat removal to economical large area wind generation for fire fighting or convection flow enhancement. The technology is also ideal for efficient gas & smoke removal from confined areas. Some of the bennifits include;

• Eliminates shedding and tip vortices improving flow efficiency
• High Flow Volume
• Highly directable - laminar discharge can be placed precisely
• Long laminar discharge flow column
• Silent operation if needed
• Low energy use
• Slow cycle speed
• Safe for use around children & animals
• Undetectable flow for sniff sensing
• Attractive motion
• Self reversing
• Proven reliable linkage
• No significant drag when not running

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Contact | 760.634.4947 | AdmiralFluidics.com