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SolidWater™ Laminar Discharge Pumps, Propellers and Fans

A New Standard of Fluid Motion Effeciency

Commercial Propulsion

Consumer Propulsion

Undersea Vehicle Propulsion

Features & Capabilities
• High Thrust
• Azimuth Directionality
• Reduced fuel use
• No Vibration
• Extremely efficient
• No aeration or cavitation
• Can be silent
• Inexpensive to install
• Non-Fouling
• Can retrofit existing vessels

Commercial Propulsion System
Power with Incredible Fuel Savings

For boat and ship propulsion applications Horrigan Labs/Admiral Fluidics has developed a breakthrough blade, linkage and balancing technology that resolves numerous traditional propeller flaws. The resulting technology gives improved thrust at greatly reduced costs for fuel and construction as well as other effeciencies. This is not only a multimillion dollar per year savings in fuel, it will save billions of tons of carbon introduced into the aptmosphere annually.

Our Technology is called the SolidWater™ Propulsion System because traditional propellers cavitate water, creating bubbles thus wasting huge amounts of energy and making the water unstable to push or pull on. The SolidWater™ Device produces a laminar discharge and makes the propeller behave like it is pushing on a solid, giving it amazing traction.

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Contact | 760.634.4947 | AdmiralFluidics.com